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GlobalBound Single Source Worldwide Solutions for Industry presents the latest predictive maintenance technologies that deliver reliable machine performance to achieve "more uptime and profit."

Our systems utilize the latest technologies from "dial-in" programmed lubricators to "failsafe" vehicle wheel nut security systems.

The company's goal is to achieve continuous ongoing peak machinery performance.
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International Lubricator Meets All Operating Standards for Volumetric Distributors

A compact versatile motor driven lubricator suitable for small and medium sized machinery, e.g. machine tools and packaging machinery etc., can be quickly programmed to meet individual machine needs requiring positive discharge volume oil feeds.

Programmable gear pump operation controls both "ON" and "OFF" time intervals.

Model CESG04 is a self-contained unit with built-in pressure-relief valve and low level float switches to safeguard operation. Manual oil feed button is mounted on front panel alongside pressure gauge to check normal pressure readings.

The compact unit is furnished with an adaptable mounting plate for easy servicing replacement for lubricator upgrades for existing and competitor situations.

A full range of oil distribution connections are available for 6 mm inlet and 4 mm diameter outlet tube feed lines.

Lubricator can energize and operate direct feed or spring reset injectors used throughout industry.

Unit comes in four reservoir sizes from 2 to 8 liter capacities.

Lubricator is CE (Conformité Européene) safety Certified.

For additional details, download the LUBEIT booklet, or email

SafetyTrim Loose Wheel Nut Indicator and Locking System Offers Users Enhanced Features

Effective immediately, SafetyTrim features have been updated to provide improved monitoring:

Tighter nut cap tolerances to dovetail with hexagonal nut sizes across hex flats.

Increased internal nut cap ribbing lengths to provide greater nut contact area.

Circular safety ring collar lip assembly extended to prevent ingress of contaminates to wheel studs and nuts.

Increased diameter of Observation port for easier "At-a-Glance" safety sighting.

10 Reasons to Adopt SafetyTrim Wheel Nut Security Systems:
  • Monitors proper torquing status for individual Wheel Nuts
  • Provides "At-a-Glance" status of wheel nut "torque" condition
  • Individual protection for all wheel nuts
  • Reduces your risk of wheel detachment accidents
  • Equipment downtime reduced
  • Lowers maintenance expense through unnecessary nut retorquing
  • Integrated circular SafetyTrim covers all wheel nuts
  • Quick one-step easy installation procedure
  • System payback achieved in a single torque correction procedure
  • Enhances roadside inspections

SafetyTrims are available for Light as well as Heavy Duty Vans, General Trucks and Buses and Coaches.

For the full story on SafetyTrim Products, download SafetyTrim Booklet.

Self-contained units offered in various reservoir capacities, 2, 3, 4, and 8 liter configurations. All models are supplied with low oil level switches.

Model PNA, Adjustable, (1 - 8cc/stroke) for single line resistance systems metering devices. Ideal for use with small to medium sized machinery where shop air is available. Use with resistance proportion adapters C and S types as well as other type metering devices.

Model PNB, Fixed output (8 cc/stroke) to actuate Positive displacement Volumetric Injectors. When used in conjunction with air-oil mixing valves (see below) system provides an inexpensive solution to lubricate high speed spindles.

Oil viscosity Range: 60 to 1000 SSU @100°F
Lubricant discharge pressure ratio: 4:1
Inlet air operating pressure range: 50 to 115 psi

Air-Oil volumetric distributor Mixing Blocks offer many advantages over drip oil feed units namely stretched out oil deliveries for more accurate control, resulting in:

  • Effective lubrication with reduced oil deliveries
  • Extremely accurate minimal oil deliveries
  • Lower internal friction and reduced bearing temperatures
  • Greater safety and improved operating environments

Air-oil block assemblies are available from one to five outlets. Five volumetric outputs are available from 0.01 to 0.16 cc.

Model C0 Distributor Mixing Block
Non adjustable air volumes

Model 0A Distributor Mixing Block
Individual outlet adjustable air volumes (2.5 to 5.0 psi)

When ordering specify type and volume outputs.
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