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GREASOMATIC Single Point Lubricators Always "On Duty" for Radar/Doppler Operation

Programmable single point lubricators, GREASOMATICS keep guidance control systems on navigational satellites on track by lubricating jack screw mechanisms for Antenna positioning.

Lubrication of azimuth and elevation drives in satellites is extremely important. These positioning mechanisms require ongoing time controlled grease feeds to deliver smooth accurate motion control.

GREASOMATICS are ideal solutions where automatic lubrication is required for remote mounted bearings. Units can be set for controlled discharges from 1 to 12 months duration. Units are completely sealed and furnished in a 120 ml reservoir. For additional information download the GREASOMATIC booklet.

Vehicle Safety, Did you Know?

Transportation vehicle wheel loss in America and Canada is an ongoing problem. Tough, high wear wheel SafetyTrims can be removed and transferred to other vehicles to maximize operational safety.

SafetyTrims are constructed from one of the most popular thermoplastics in use today they are:
  • Extremely strong and rigid, also lightweight with a high melting point
  • Made from abrasion resistant material
  • Endures harsh environments
  • Oils solvents and alcohols do not harm SafetyTrim thermoplastic

New SafetyTrim design offer improved wheel nut stud interfaces for high performance levels.

Upon pressing a SafetyTrim Ring over wheel stud ends and nuts they are protected from road dirt. For additional information on these products download SafetyTrim Booklet.

A leading curing/drying oven user encountered repeated operation problems in a heavy duty chain-driven high temperature dryer: These include interrupted production caused by severe chain breakage leading to production stoppage as well as product spoilage and extensive repair downtimes.

Installation of a Redi-Mount "Hit Your Spot" automatic chain lubricating system eliminated these problems and produced these improvements:
  • Continuous uninterrupted production operation
  • Reduced electrical amperage current draw
  • Precise controlled oil deliveries to chain link pins
  • Secure lube deliveries only to chain roller links; no oil in other areas
  • No product contamination
  • Reduced lubricant consumption

The heart of the system is a PLC controlled solenoid operated lube gun offering predictable lube deliveries at precise intervals to chain roller and link pins.

PLC controlled Redi-Mount "Hit Your Spot" Lubricant Guns deliver precise programmed droplets
to chain roller and link pins on dryer

The Lube Gun discharges a quick droplet which is fired directly to the chain link pins. The gun assembly has a rugged easy mount positioning rod for fixed accurate control. An air operated oil pump and cycle controller complete the lubrication system.

Redi-Mount's custom designed control panel offers users Multi-Status Panel View touch screens along with fail-safe warning devices processed through sub screen operator touch interfaces. The user Pass Coded Touch Control assures only authorized personnel entry to panel settings. The tamperproof cabinet houses a PLC along with all electric interfaces.

Typical Status Screen on Controller

The "Hit Your Spot" lube gun chain lubrication system is capable of extremely accurate rapid fire operation for high speed chains. Drop deliveries are controllable through a wide range of adjustment positions.

Controller settings can be adapted to handle all application needs from light and heavy duty settings on special and general purpose machinery on continuous run including hourly and daily cycles.

After a suitable run-in period the oven operator determined that a controlled continuous duty cycle delivering a medium sized drop maximized his production requirements.

Lube Gun fires Droplet to Chain Rollers and Link Pins

The lube gun handles wide lubricant ranges from ISO 32 oil to NLG grade 1 grease as well as lubricants compounded with special additives.

Redi-Mount "Hit Your Spot" lubricant gun systems offers users of curing/drying ovens unique solutions to high temperature chain link lubrication problems

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