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Universal Removal Tool

This specialty designed tool assists users in removing SafetyTrims from wheel Nuts undamaged.

Simply grab the individual wheel nut cover caps firmly with the Universal Removal Tool grips and simply pry up and down while pulling the nut pot cover away from the wheel. Repeating this action to several nut covers on a trim makes it easy to remove the entire SafetyTrim assembly from individual wheels.

Utilizing proper trim removal techniques as well as adherence to proper SafetyTrim installation and maintenance practices can prolong life of wheel nut monitoring and locking wheel trims.

Remember, with proper removal, used undamaged SafetyTrims can be installed on other vehicles with similar wheels to achieve proper wheel nut monitoring and locking benefits.

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Vehicle Loose Wheel Nut Trims

Smaller SafetyTrims Expand Product Line - Monitor and Locks Loose Wheel Nuts

In pursuit of greater vehicle wheel security, SafetyTrim Worldwide has developed a new smaller SafetyTrim for truck/van vehicles in the 7.5 ton class.

The new model release is Ideal for smaller transportation vehicles, including Sprinter type vans. The worldwide popularity of these vehicles has driven the introduction of the new model.

The smaller pitch circle diameter of the bolts (205 PCD) along with 6 studs, 27mm wheel nuts is ideal for truck/vans as well as vehicles with third (mid-lift) axle conversions.

Available in a black surface finish, the smaller pitch circle diameter unit with six loose wheel nut monitoring caps, makes this versatile sized unit a popular item.

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Recirculating Lubricator Unit without Reservoir

Recirculating Unit complete
with Self-contained Reservoir

Recirculating oil system lubricators normally have larger discharge output volumes and deliver clean temperature controlled oil flows to bearings. Units have an efficient built-in oil filter system to deliver clean recirculated lubricant on a continuous basis.

As well as removing contaminants from bearings, these self-contained assemblies can be furnished with return line settling chambers, magnetic separators and pressure and temperature regulators.

Units supplied with oil heat exchangers (external air coolers) maintain consistent oil operating temperatures to help achieve maximum life of bearings.

Standard models can be supplied as total self-contained assemblies ranging from 4.00 to 60 liter oil reservoir capacities. Alternatively, an independent motor driven lubricator unit assembly suitable for direct mounting into customer's customized reservoir are available.

A selection of motors from 1/4 to 1 HP in various electrical characteristics are offered for units.

Recirculating oil systems are ideal for large presses and processing machines such as paper machinery covering multiple lubrication points incorporating high volume oil distributors. The BS Transparent Adjustable Oil Distributors are normally capable of individual flow rates up to 1 liter/minute and are used in conjunction with these lubricators.

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Adjustable Flow Meters are ideal for use with Automatic Recirculating Systems and offer users maximum Oil flow controls and flexibility.

Single and Manifold "BS" models are offered with a single outlet or up to six flow meters each with independent flow adjustment.

Each adjustable manifold is equipped with its own Visual Flow Indicator Window as well as a Locking Device.

Flow adjustments are infinitely adjustable up to 1.0 liter per minute to satisfy small medium and large capacity oil flow requirements.

Adjustable oil flow distributors handle temperatures to 80° C (175° F) and working pressures of 8kgf/cm (115 psi) to30 kfg/cm (425 psi), Oil viscosity range: 32-220cSt @ 40° C (140-1000ssu @ 105° F).

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