GlobalBound Single Source Worldwide Solutions for Industry presents the latest predictive maintenance technologies that deliver reliable machine performance to achieve "more uptime and profit."

Our systems utilize the latest technologies from "dial-in" programmed lubricators to "failsafe" vehicle wheel nut security systems.

The company's goal is to achieve continuous ongoing peak machinery performance.
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Diaphragm Pump
Delivers Improved Performance

Patented Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump delivers smooth performance along with improved flow capacities.

CentralFlow technology permits fluid flows through the center of the unit. The pumping action is achieved with controlled air flows outside the diaphragms. Result smooth operation, increased outputs delivered in a compact package.

The diaphragm pump creates fluid pressures equal to the air supply pressure up to 7bars (100 psi).

Two models are available, the DL50 and DL100 providing outputs of 50 and 100 liters/minute. Units can pump clear water as well as heavy viscous material with abrasive and chemical aggregates.

CentralFlow diaphragm pump applications: OEMÕs, Process Pumps, Drum Pumps, Mobile Equipment and Process Machinery.

For the full story, download Diaphragm Pump booklet.

SafetyTrim Loose Wheel Nut Video
Now Available on GlobalBound Website

Newly released SafetyTrim video link guides users through proper installation/removal and servicing procedures:

- Proper inspection and adherence to correct wheel nut torqueing requirements prior to installation of new trims.
- Following proper installation steps ensure a firm interference fit between nut and trim.
- SafetyTrim removal steps from wheel nuts utilizing minimal leverage to achieve safe trim detachment (undamaged SafetyTrims may be reinstalled on other wheels).
- These practices along with daily vehicle SafetyTrim inspection procedures ensure road safety by eliminating wheel-offs.

SafetyTrim loose wheel nut indicator and locking devices are rapidly gaining worldwide acceptance. Currently there are 28 different models available.

To view the video, visit SafetyTrim Predictive Safety Products.

Did you know that programmable GREASOMATIC single point lubricators can be supplied empty without grease for self-filling with oil?

This feature can be a real problem solver where programmed measured oil deliveries are required for isolated bearings and chains.

A typical application includes chain lubrication in a plant's inaccessible area where time-based programmed oiling is the ideal answer.

These GREASOMATC applications dispense oil to the chain with a contact air brush. This normally calls for use with a non-return check valve located before the brush to maintain proper oil priming.

Final discharge settings depend on chain type, width and length of chain to be lubricated.

Time based GREASOMATIC lubrication is ideally suited for incorporation into a plant wide preventative maintenance software program.

For additional details on all required components, download the GREASOMATIC booklet.

Special centralized lubrication manifold assemblies group "hard-to-reach" grease zerk fittings (nipples) in one convenient location for greasing lube points away from dangerous or hazardous areas.

These zerk fed grease manifold distribution systems offer a cost-effective solution for difficult to reach high wear machinery friction points.

Typically, extruded bar headers handle up to 10 lube points, additional outlets are available on special order. Assemblies can utilize straight, angled and button head grease fittings connected through the manifold to metal or flexible hose assembles to feed grease to distant lube points.

Systems can handle most grease types and easily adapt to portable grease dispensers.

When ordering, specify number of lubrication outlets, zerk details and outlet tubing connectors.

For additional details, download the LUBEIT booklet.

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