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LUBEIT Automatic Chain Lubricator
Orifice restrictors

Chain drives are the heart of any production machine. A fully Automatic Model CESP Oil Lubricator with built in timers can dual-in to meet the exact chain oil requirements to maintain peak machine productivity. This totally self-contained electric motor gear pump for use with orifice meter units can vary both ON (feed) and OFF (pause) periods. Delivery ranges from 2 to 30 seconds along with pause periods ranging from 3 to 180 minutes are available This adjustment range provides users with accurate oil deliveries for all chain types. An 110V unit complete with a 2 liter reservoir with Lubeit orifice applicators comprise the system. Other voltages and reservoir capacities are available.

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Chain Applicator Kit

In chain lubrication it is imperative to fill the gap between pin-link plate and roller-link plate with lubricant. A convenient mounting bracket and brush assembly used in conjunction with LUBEIT Orifice Meter Units is an efficient method to deliver lubricant to chain rollers. Metering orifices are offered in five sizes: Slow (No 1 rate), Medium Slow (No 2 rate), Medium (No 3 rate), Medium Fast (No 4 rate) and Fast (No 5 rate). Typically metering devices used with this system are fast rates. In lubricating double and triple multiple strand chains, it is important to direct oil to each row. When ordering Chain Applicator, specify the number of chain lubrication points for use along with brush types.

For the full story, download LUBEIT booklet.

Setting controls are mounted at the top of the unit. Seven monthly discharge settings are clearly marked, 1,2,3,4,6,8, and 12 months.

To select a setting, turn black knob clockwise to desired setting by aligning monthly setting number with the white indicator. On reaching the selected discharge time, press down the red release pin until flush with top surface. Rotate the black control knob clockwise several times to release the actuator.

Unit is now programmed and actuated.

For more information, download the GREASOMATIC booklet.

A self-contained electric motor driven gear pump with ON and OFF timer controls as well as operation and interval indicators. Standard features include operational pressure gauge, low oil level switch and manual override button. Pressure switch is optional on request. Lube Cycle is energized on power up.

A full range of volumetric distributors are available for use with this lubricator. Various configurations and sizes are offered, models CAB, CBB (discharge on pressure build-up) as well as CDB and series T (discharge during the interval period).

For more information, download the LUBEIT booklet.

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