GlobalBound Single Source Worldwide Solutions for Industry presents the latest predictive maintenance technologies that deliver reliable machine performance to achieve "more uptime and profit."

Our systems utilize the latest technologies from "dial-in" programmed lubricators to "failsafe" vehicle wheel nut security systems.

The company's goal is to achieve continuous ongoing peak machinery performance.
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Leading Heavy Goods Trucking Carrier Highlights SafetyTrim Benefits - Testimonial

Newly released testimonial video highlights benefits of SafetyTrim Loose Wheel Nut Monitoring and Locking device.

Principle advantage of product is its ability to indicate to truck driver's current status of wheel nuts as they begin their work day. In addition SafetyTrim's nut locking feature permits schedules to be maintained, until the vehicle can have the vehicles wheel nuts reworked and torqued to proper specifications.

The Wheel Nut Monitoring System helps drivers learn when a problem develops and in line with the companies robust preventative programs, SafetyTrim works hand in hand to overcome serious conditions before they occur.

As a result of the ongoing success of SafetyTrim Wheel Nut Monitoring and Locking Devices, this leading heavy goods transporter has adopted SafetyTrim products throughout its fleet.

View video online now.

SafetyTrim Wheel Nut Monitoring Video features Proper Wheel Installation Procedures

SafetyTrim's effective way of preventing loose wheel nuts on vehicle wheels is highlighted in this video.

Following proper installation and maintenance procedures ensures maximum protection for all wheel nuts through warning visual indicators as well as locking features to resistrict nuts from backing off.

Particular attention should be directed to proper nut tightening prior to SafetyTrim installation. Ensure correct wheel nut tongue specifications are achieved using a proper wheel torqueing wrench and tightening procedures (do not use pneumatic devices to tighten and torque up wheels) at this tends to over torque nuts and studs leading to potential problems.

Adherence to SafetyTrim installation and maintenance practices as well as daily inspection ensure ongoing wheel safety.

View video online now.

A new eight page booklet has been added to the site under Lubricator Systems Replacement Parts.

Items outlined include, junctions, adaptors, connectors, distributors including lubricant proportioning meters as well as tubing and compression fittings and pressure gauges.

All major component groups are clearly highlighted throughout the site.

On GlobalBound website's home page, click on the link to download the Lubrication Systems Replacement Parts Booklet for details.

In addition to the "hard-to-find" metric fittings shown, a full selection of grease fittings and lubricators are online. Download the Lubeit Lubrication Systems Booklet from our home page.

CERBERUS' Non-Metallic Materials and Substances Scheme consider the net impact on safety of the introduction of product for use underground.

The GREASOMATIC unit was found to be acceptable for use in underground mines as an Automatic Single Point Lubrication Device, e.g. lubrication of mechanical parts on machines.

Approval by CERBERUS does not cover the suitability of the device from an operational point of view, nor the lubricant used within the Single Point Lubricator - this material would be the subject of individual reports.

GREASOMATIC lubricators provide planned grease replenishment programs to extend bearing life in heavy duty machinery installations.

Download the GREASOMATIC Single Point Lubrication Booklet from our home page.

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