GlobalBound Single Source Worldwide Solutions for Industry presents the latest predictive maintenance technologies that deliver reliable machine performance to achieve "more uptime and profit."

Our systems utilize the latest technologies from "dial-in" programmed lubricators to "failsafe" vehicle wheel nut security systems.

The company's goal is to achieve continuous ongoing peak machinery performance.
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Programmable Lubricators

A study by a leading bearing manufacture estimates that over 50% of bearing failures are lubrication related. Programmable Single-Point GREASEOMATIC Lubricators lets operators provide planned bearing lubricant replenishment to protect the bearing. Establishing and adhering to a scheduled lubrication program extends bearing life, maintains machinery production efficiency and reduces replacement costs.

For the full story, download GREASOMATIC booklet.

Wheel Nut Security Systems

Transit vehicle wheel SafetyTrims stop wheel nuts from backing-off. Operators are assured of safe driving with individual wheel nut indicators as well as a locking mechanism to prevent "wheel-offs".

For the full story, download SafetyTrim booklet.

Oil restrictor orifice type meter units proportion oil deliveries
to individual bearings. Five flow rated meter units sizes are offered from slow to fast deliveries. Each increase in flow
rate doubles the oil output.

Straight adapter and junction mounted configurations are offered to fully handle any lubrication distribution networks required for machinery.

All oil restrictor assemblies are supplied with individual
tubing compression ferrule (sleeve) along with a corresponding compression nut.

Ideal for new designs or replacement parts.

For more information, download the Lubeit booklet.

Model CESP electric motor driven lubricator has a built-in
fully independent adjustable "ON" discharge and "OFF"
dwell periods.

110V or 220V electric motor versions are available.

Lubricator is normally supplied with a low oil level switch.

Complete assemblies are offered in 2, 4, and 8 liter
reservoir capacities. The self-contained unit is ideal for
orifice meter unit systems. The independent adjustable
"ON" and "OFF" times offer infinite adjustment for a wide range of oil deliveries.

For more information, download the Lubeit booklet.

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