The United Nations General Assembly 64/255 Resolution proclaimed 2011 - 2020 the Decade of Action for Road Safety. This resolution has a global goal of stabilizing and then reducing forecasted levels of global road fatalities.

A framework for the Decade of Action has been established as a guiding document to support and implement the objectives.

GlobalBound Industries, LLC supports these goals. We feel that all recognized road safety products will support and contribute to this important worldwide program. Visit WHO | Decade of Action for Road Safety .

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Chrome SafetyTrims Adds Brightness and Safety to Big Rig Wheels

In Heavy Duty Big Rigs, Chrome SafetyTrims become an integral part of the increasingly popular Chrome Wheel Rim Assemblies often seen on heavy duty trucks.

SafetyTrim devices also offer the added benefit of integrated wheel nut covers hence eliminating use of independent chrome wheel nut covers, resulting in substantial savings to users. The resulting unified SafetyTrim installed truck wheel rim assembly appearance gains much praise.

The patented SafetyTrim is the only wheel nut management system that simultaneously indicates when a loose wheel nut condition occurs, but more importantly, locks that nut in place until the nut can be retorqued.

SafetyTrims are available to suit various wheel sizes and configurations from 4,5, 6 8 and 10 studs wheels to suit nut sizes from 19 to 33 millimeters. Special PCD (pitch circle diameter) are also offered.

SafetyTrims in a black finish are also available as a standard feature

For the full story, download SafetyTrim booklet.

SafetyTrim High Visibility Vehicle Loose Nut Safety Device

The newly released High Visibility Loose Nut Indicator SafetyTrim is furnished with specially designed yellow fluorescent plastic nut covers mounted against a black safety ring for high contrast.

Each new bright yellow nut pot cover assembly is directly connected to the loose nut movement indicator tab made of a similar material. When activated, the high visibility safety trim shows the connecting yellow marker in the trim ring corresponding safety window. When the window is fully yellow the loose nut is now in a locked position to prevent additional nut loosening.

A quick glance at the High Visibility Wheel safety device immediately indicates which nuts will require servicing at the next scheduled vehicle inspection procedure.

The new SafetyTrim assemblies with built-in maximum contrast yellow nut covers and tab indicators are ideal for use with school buses and vans. After installation of the multi-colored SafetyTrims, the black trim ring fades against a similar wheel rim finish and becomes an integral part of the wheel assembly. Result: The newly released trims with yellow nut covers and indicator tabs show to greatest affect and safety.

For the full story, download SafetyTrim booklet.

Semi-automatic Grease Gun adapts to any position to reach Zerk fittings in tight spaces.

Designed for heavy duty use, this self-priming grease gun is ergonomically designed and balanced for Positive Grip in any position along with convenient One-hand Operation for easy greasing.

Feature Highlights:
   - 360° working position selection and pressure range of 40-
     150 psi and pump ratio of 40:1
   - Posi-Lock Follower Rod with Ergonomically Designed
     T-handle: Easy Filling in any position
  - Maximum Operating Pressure 6000 psi
  - Versatile delivery 3-way loading delivery systems: Cartridge,
     Bulk or Pump
  - Heavy-duty Die Cast Head for Durability and Long life

For more information, download Lumax lubrication equipment.

Centralized lubrication multi-line outlet (pump to point deliveries) offer flexible design systems that can be easily adapted to diverse machinery.

Called the Spyder Lubricator these systems are ideal for mobile and stationary vehicles as well as industrial machinery.

The Spyder lubricator lets users select individual outlet injectors to satisfy various friction point applications.

Seven individual injector outputs are offered. Each injector piston element is furnished with 1/8" female thread to allow a wide variety of couplings to be use making the Spyder pump an ideal choice to replace competitive brands.

Multiple injector outlets are offered (up to 26 lubrication points) permitting the multi-outlet system to quickly adapt to various applications.

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