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LUMAX Lubricant Dispensing Equipment

Lumax: Manual oil and grease pumps for industrial applications. Assembly lines and machine repair. Oil and grease measuring and dispensing equipment

Manual Grease Guns and Automatic Pumps
Flexible Solutions with Dispensing Accuracy

Lumax Pumps Lumax Grease Guns Lumax Measures Lumax Drain Pans Lumax Hydraulic Fitting Accessories Lumax Fittings


Grease Guns


Drain Pans

Hydraulic Fitting


High quality manual and semi-automatic grease guns and manual oil dispensing equipment suitable for general industrial assembly lines. Applications include plant maintenance and repair operations, agriculture, automotive and construction.
A full line of lubricant and fluid dispensing equipment and accessories offered:

Manual Grease Guns
Manual lever, piston and push type guns. Standard and heavy duty options offered. Grease gun dispensing hoses: various lengths offered with thread ends and springs. Wide pressure operating range.

Semi-automatic Grease Equipment
Pneuluber™, air operated, dual piston air operated gun. High capacity, delivers almost 6 times the volume of grease than standard guns.
Single Shot, 360º Continuous Cycle Gun.The world's only 360º fully rotating head for working in tight spots. Continuous operation and one hand operation for easy greasing.
Super Luber™ Battery Operated /Cordless Grease Gun. Saves valuable time and money through more efficient lubrication practices. Packages with cartridges and battery chargers.

Manual Oil
Hand oilers: Pistol and handle types offered in various reservoir capacities. Pail, bucket and barrel pumps, lever action, rotary and lift and suction types also available.

Miscellanous Equipment:
Measuring and flow control cans, drain and drip pans, dollies and funnels

Fittings and accessories:
A broad offering of Zerk and Button Head grease fittings in various thread sizes (US and Metric). Fittings also furnished in straight and elbow body configurations.

LUMAX Product lines include:
Grease guns manual, air operated and battery operated, Hoses, Oilers, Transfer pumps, Suction gun, Pail/bucket pumps, Measuring and flow control cans, Drip pans, Hydraulic fittings, Zerk lubrication fittings and accessories, Dollies, Funnels, Hand Pumps

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Products: SafetyTrim - Spilfyter - Lubeit - Greaseomatic - LuMax - Orion